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Holly Bennie


I’m Holly and I’m a northern Yorkshire lass living and working in Dubai. I am also a Mama to four little ones and I have an amazing husband.

I consume copious amounts of tea daily and I always have a few podcasts on the go. I'm a travel junkie, love rock music and anything Harry Potter. Yep! I'm going there! I'm admitting that on the internet!

I don’t like to sweat the small stuff - ain't nobody got time for that! and I have learned to live in and the chaos that is my family home.

Social Seeds

Get Inspired

I started Social Seeds after five years of my journey as an entrepreneur. I spent several of those years lacking confidence in my business skills and abilities but I was eager and determined to learn. I scoured every book, website, and podcast I could to learn more and I cannot recall the amount of times I got lost down the dark hole that is the internet I was just trying to snaffle up every ounce of knowledge about business set up and scaling a business that I could and what a waste of my precious time that turned out to be!

Don't get me wrong, I stumbled across some amazing individuals with real tried and tested advice that has served me well, but the rest... hours and hours wasted. Gone! Poof! Down the drain! I wasn't even aware of that at the time but those hours searching could have been hours 'doing' and 'building'. Eventually, I got there and my business toolbox flourished and overflowed with practical hints and tips that I was implementing with results, on a daily basis.

As the business I was apart of continued to grow, the number of messages I began to receive asking how and what steps I took to get there also began to increase and it sparked an idea...

Now I'm a mama of four little ones, I live an hour away from the city I work in, and I know how many hours building a business takes with nothing in return, it became important to me that any advice that I gave be simple, to the point, and include action steps that were easily transferred into any other business with the promise of results. It was also important to me that I didn't encourage anyone to do what I did unless they knew, without a doubt that they were searching in the right places.

I got to work and compiled what I knew into my easy and simple workshops. Rather than digitalize them, I took the plunge to teach small, intimate classes which in turn, offers other businesswomen the opportunity to network and connect while learning.

Social Seeds will also be launching its 'Masterclass Series' where industry experts will be sharing insights into their exciting fields, business retreats, networking breakfasts and a variety of other opportunities to increase your business connections.

I can't wait to see you soon!

Holly x