• Holly Bennie

Calendar management to help combat overwhelm

Have you ever opened your planner, taken one look at the mass of things to do and felt frazzled and overwhelmed just by looking at them? Have you ever felt the anxiety creep in when looking at your calendar? Then this is one is for you - which in turn I'm guessing is most of us?⁠

Firstly, I want to start by saying that there is NOTHING in your calendar that you haven't allowed to be there (tough love!) )and you have control over what you add into your schedule and also in what you remove from it. The thing is that you already know that and it's deciding what should and shouldn't be there that tends to be the issue.⁠

Let me introduce you to the traffic light method! Just like a road signal I want you to go over your calendar and highlight, with colour, what category each event/to-do falls into;⁠

Red = Stop - These are items that you can put a stop to either way. If they're commitments that you can cancel, cancel them. If not, be mindful not to add anymore to your plate. Exercise your right to say "no" and remember that it is a complete sentence.⁠

Yellow = Slow down - These are all items you need to keep in your calendar but can slow down or decrease the amount of. Do you really need to go to every networking event? Do you really need to attend every single PTA meeting? Choose the important ones and get lean with the rest. On the flip side if you can't stop them but can delegate them then they go here with the intent that you WILL delegate.⁠

Green = Go! - These are items that you absolutely must do or love doing. Items like important meetings that cannot be emails, parents meetings and/or hospital appointments.⁠

Prioritizing your calendar is key to keeping anxious feelings at bay when you have a full on schedule and categorizing your calendar into blocks helps keep you on track. A good calendar will have a balance of all three colours each week, making time for fun stuff, important must do's and everyday essentials that move you forward in the right direction.⁠

Holly x⁠

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