• Holly Bennie

Using the Instagram Algorithm to your advantage

New week = New Tips!

A few weeks ago Instagram users saw a drop in both their grid engagement and story views. There's a whole range of reasons why this happened out there for you to google but I tweaked a few things with my posts and not only managed to regain my engagement stats but also managed to improve them!

Here's a few EASY tips that you can implement now to see improvement.

  1. Consistency is key! Post every day in a regular pattern and you’ll see those number crawl up.

  2. Use your insights to your advantage! If you can only manage a single post per day and your audience is online at 7pm guess what time you should be posting to reach them? 7pm!

  3. Don't post and ghost. Take 15 minutes to warm up the conversation. I remember a woman in one of my classes laughing at how ridiculous that sounds but stay with me here! You wouldn't walk into a room, march up to a stranger and launch into a preach about your services, products or viewpoints. (I hope not anyway!) You’d start up some small talk first, you'd prep the stage, leave clues as to who you are and what you're all about. Virtual conversations work the same way so be sure to include the small talk.

  4. Use Geo tagging! I'm not talking about the grid here, although that's also important, but on your stories! The engagement has always been higher on stories and as a result we've gotten lazy with our tags and location pins. Use them! My stories with geo tags average a 20% increase in views! Why wouldn't you use them?

  5. Switch up you hashtags. I've fallen victim to this so many times. I save my hashtags in notes and then just copy and paste them over. It's often good enough to get the results in but if you want to ramp things up it's better to use different hash tags each post and mix them up.

  6. Hashtags on stories! Again, don't be lazy. You can use up to 10 hashtags on a story so make sure you're using them all. If you're worried about your posts looking spammy then you can either blend them into the background using the font colour picker or hide them behind a well placed sticker/gif. Just don't make them super tiny, Instagram knows what you're doing and won't be your friend for it.

  7. Share relevant content! Users are over the moon to have someone share their content so, providing it's relevant, share what's out there with your audience. Just be sure to tag back (It's in your best interest to) and show some love on the original post, make those connections with people!

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